TinyOgg finally comes to an end

About eighteen months ago, I announced the release of TinyOgg as a GNU Generation project to scratch a personal itch: not having Adobe Flash and not wanting to recommend it when I share online videos.

Back then, the de-facto way of watching videos on the Web was using Adobe Flash which was annoying to me as a user of a fully free operating system and as a huge fan of free formats.

TinyOgg received overwhelming support from free software supporters all around the world and I was honored when the Free Software Foundation wrote a blog post about it which was followed by several reports from free software and GNU/Linux news sites.

But now, it seems that what we are doing is obsolete. In May 2010, Google set free the WebM format which was quickly adopted by major web browsers in addition to the largest online video provider, YouTube. 99% of what people watch on YouTube is now available in WebM and thus playable without Flash or any other unfree technologies. (Well, in addition to the fact that I have not posted any entry in many months, which meant that there was no itch anymore!)

Now is the time to move on to other projects (or to college life, who knows? :)). By July 15th, TinyOgg entries URLs will be automatically redirected to the original video page and I will run the service for at least eighteen months more.

Thank you for everyone that contributed to the project, to those who offered patches (especially mtjm and leorockway), blog posts and encouragement!